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Scent-sationalOur new perfume completes our philosophy, the TOTAL BEAUTY CULTURE.

LE PARFUM is the result of our collaboration with star perfumier Geza Schön, who specialises in the creation of scents for the cosmetics sector. The world-famous “master of essences” has already enhanced various care ranges with exclusive scent creations, producing beautifully memorale and moreish products.

The latest creation was inspired by the scent that Geza Schön developed for the luxurious hair care range “Cheveux Longs”.

It’s always a balancing act translating the care properties of the product into an idea for a perfume”, explains the master when asked to describe his work.

LE PARFUM is a sensuous, dreamy creation that emanates a casual lightness and a self-confident and subtle elegance.

For the carefree lightness that surrounds the wearer right after spraying on LE PARFUM, the perfumier created a marriage of the fresh and fruity nuances of peach, grapefruit and mandarin and then enhanced them with the soft and feminine aromas of magnolia blossom, jasmine and precious iris. The mysteriously sensuous essences of bergamot, ambergris and cedar give the perfume its lasting intensity that nobody can resist, and that remains just as long in your memory.

Its special composition makes LE PARFUM become one with the woman wearing it. The perfume blends so naturally with your skin and hair that it gives the wearer an incredibly radiant, very unique signature which bestows a new, irresistible presence on her personality.

  • LE PARUM 50ml £50.50 RRP

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